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An Intervention – Mine!

The year began with an unexpected scene. At least to me, it was…

Our car is just leaving a relative’s house after a satisfying New Year’s Day lunch. The conversation begins immediately. One child clasps my hand for support (or to keep it from doing harm?). The other launches into a long list of family and friends’ reactions to my “addiction.”

“Mom, you gotta stop taking so many pictures with your iPhone! The cousins and my friends are telling me that’s all they see you do. Adam was telling me about all your photo apps.”

Well, Adam didn’t know what Aviary was until I showed him! My response? “Almost all of them were free.” I was brought up to be fairly frugal.

The other child chimes in with, “My friends told me you were taking pictures at a Red Egg party and you’re not even family! And you were taking pictures all during a baby shower.”

I had no defense for the first party. Then, an indignant, “I was assigned to take photos for the shower!”

“You’re always checking your phone, even during dinner.”

“Oh, do I?”

“You spend too much time playing with your pictures.”

I DO have to edit them.

“You always were taking too many pictures, but since you got that phone, you’ve gone crazy!” That comes with a silent “I told you so” thrown over my husband’s shoulder as he continues driving. Now, mind you, I struggled that first week of learning how to use such an unfamiliar phone. So much so that one child said, “Mom, you’re not ready for this.”

Finally, I conceded. I agreed that the past year of enjoying a new toy with awesome apps and learning to tweet just sucked me in. They didn’t buy the “I’m doing it for research” bit, though it IS partly true. Who can resist exploring when the world is at one’s fingertips?!? Any question or subject can be googled! Tweeting with new friends across the globe is sweet!

Even so, I stated that I would try to do better this year. Went home and within two days deleted not all, but close to 2,000 images from my camera roll. Of course, those were copied over first!

I make a conscious effort to not take my phone with me everywhere around the house. There have been a couple of days I forgot my phone when leaving home… and I’m still alive!

If you have a similar addiction, don’t wait for an intervention. It’s quite unpleasant. Take baby steps, like mine. Come on, we can do it together!

“This is the day that the Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

By SooSooSees

Married, with children; Christian; I ♥ writing; photography; travel; art. Twitter: @SooSooSees; Instagram: @soosoosees; YouTube: SooSoo_Sees

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