Teens Learn About Filmmaking

I recently participated in a local shoot for a film about one teen’s journey from having a home to being put into “Foster Care” (the name of the movie). This is just one project from a local award-winning production company.

Cross Wind Productions is a non-profit Christian film ministry. Through auditions and interviews, Houston area teens are chosen to participate in a film and video program and to receive “hands-on” training during the internship. From acting to educational workshops and behind-the-scenes duties, students, ages 14 to 18, come out with a deeper understanding of filmmaking. You can log onto to learn more about the program.

I took some quick video of the nice people I met. Sorry guys, I haven’t yet set up a personal royalty-free music library to use on the “Takes” app.

Barbara Sundstrom is the driving force behind Cross Wind Productions. She gave me a quick interview during a lull in production.

Sundstrom graduated from Baylor University and added a M.A. in Communications from the University of Houston. After teaching English, Speech and Theatre, she decided to expand her talents. God was willing and she did! Barbara became an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and director. A popular film that won an award at a recent international film festival in Milan, Italy, is “The Guardian”. A girl is saved from the evil intentions of a surly gang of troublemakers by a stranger. He continues to help her, but she can’t shake the feeling that she has known him before.

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4 replies on “Teens Learn About Filmmaking”

Thanks for checking out my blog, Hannah! I don’t know of any teen filmmaking programs in your state. You can google and bing “teen filmmaking in North Carolina” and see what comes up. I believe that many of the teens who were chosen for Cross Wind Productions’ projects were in drama class at school. You might want to consider joining a school drama class or if you attend church, join the drama team. Those are easy steps to begin to act on your interest in fillmmaking.

On the other side of the lense, you can also take a camera with video options or a cell phone with video and start shooting your own “movies” with tips you pick up online. I have fun with the free iPhone app, “Takes”. It came out this month. You create short clips that can be arranged any way you want. It has about 20 options for music to drop in and give your video style. It’s easy and fast!

Hmmm … maybe I’ll blog on a comparison of a couple of apps out there.


I’ve googled teen film in NC a few times, and haven’t really come up with anything yet. I do live in Wilmington, and we have a lot of film stuff going on. For example, Iron Man 3 was filmed here. It seems like I should have enough opportunities here to learn.

Also it seems like the best way to learn is just to do it, so I’m going to be making movies with my family and friends. I have a bit of experience with videos and stuff – I’ve made web screen capture tutorial videos – so that helps. I also like art and anything creative, so I think I can learn to make good movies.

My church is small so we don’t have a drama club or anything, but that would be fun if we had one. I would defenitely join a teen filmmaking club if there were any.

About iPhone apps – I have an iPad and love it! I use it for drawing and art, and also recently made a stop motion video with it I think iPads are underrated as a tool.

Thanks for replying back!


This sounds really cool! I’m a teenager, and would like to learn to make films. I’ve made few little skits with my family, but I love to do more.

Do you know of anything like this in North Carolina? : )


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