It’s a New Year!

August is coming to an end, but our new year is just beginning! My husband and I decided that we would like to travel before we were too old to enjoy it. This past week we leased out our home for one year. Next week we hit the road on a 6-8 week tour of the eastern part of our wonderful United States! We live in a beautiful country and there are so many interesting places to explore.  First stop is New Orleans, Louisiana. Then, it’s down to Miami, Florida and maybe to Savannah, Georgia before heading up the East Coast. I have never seen a true “turning of the leaves”, so we have to visit that gorgeous national forest in Maine! Since we’ll be so close to our northern neighbor, we’ll pop on over the border to Canada, “Ay!” If we hear of some place interesting nearby, we may go off the beaten path – who knows. 


Along the way, I have tentative interviews set up. Several are with people I follow on Twitter and vice versa. Expect photos of our stops and short videos created through Qwiki, my very, very most favorite photo/video app! 


Houston will be our home base as we work our way through the states. If you have any places we should check out for you along the way, just send me a reply!


If all goes well, we plan to head overseas next year!




Sometimes It’s Best to Let It Go

We’re now in the wait and see part of our plan. There are still lots of items to donate, trash or keep. I look around and think that half of what we have should be gone. Having a load of material things can often weigh you down. But, it’s just so hard to let things go.

Forgiveness is freeing

Forgiveness is freeing

That’s the same with thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you may want to re-hash a bad experience over and over in your mind so that you can hold on to the anger and bitterness. It keeps the hurt alive. It also weighs on you. I have prayed about it. I would rather hand over the heaviness and move on. Try it. You might be surprised at how light you feel!