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A Welcome Break!

Lobby of the Houston Marriott Westchase
Lobby of the Houston Marriott Westchase

What happens when you’re pushed to your limits and beyond? You break! You can break, as in crash and burn, or you can step back and take a break.

In our case, my husband and I took a breather for a little cosseting before starting our trip. After the mad rush to pack up the house so we can “Get out of Dodge”, staying at the lovely Houston Marriott Westchase was a welcome break. Several friends and relatives offered to put us up before we left, but we didn’t want to inconvenience anyone and chose to find a hotel through @priceline. My savvy husband usually starts off at $40, changing prices and locations to get the best deal. We have found out that booking a room the day of our stay brings the best price. (Maybe that’s when hotels release rooms that were previously reserved.) He went for a 3 star hotel and nothing popped up. Then, a message said they could offer an upgraded room at $46 (plus taxes) in the same area. Hubby agreed and found out that it was a suite at a 3 1/2 star property. “Yippee!”

Comfortable bedroom!
Comfortable bedroom!

We are so enjoying the stay. It’s an older hotel that brought back fond memories. I remember when this hotel was named “Adam’s Mark.” Many years ago, it was special to come to wedding receptions here. There was a gracious air about it then that I can still feel as we walk down the corridor. The bellhop said they still have nice events here. For instance, a Nigerian couple recently renewed their vows and a Vietnamese wedding reception had 500 guests.

Sitting room in our suite
Sitting room in our suite

Wish we weren’t so tired that we couldn’t invite people over for a little get together. 😦  We could all reminisce. Those were the days of younger ideals and attitudes.

Normally we would leave the hotel to eat. We were beat, so decided to try out their restaurant. It was good to wind down with a nice meal. We skimmed complimentary issues of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today while waiting for dinner. My Waldorf salad was a bit overdressed, but my husband’s schnitzel was tender and crispy. 

Eating in-hotel
Eating in-hotel

The raspberry/peach/blueberry cobbler was fine. Now, it’s time for bed. Let’s see what awaits us just ahead!

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