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Day 4: Biloxi, Mobile, Panama City Beach

Saturday,  September 7, 2013

Biloxi, Mississippi has a lighthouse smack in the middle of a highway.  At one time, it was a working lighthouse.  Eventually, the town grew around it.  Built in 1848, the lighthouse has a rich history with two generations of one family operating it from 1866 to 1929.  We’re too late for the last tour at 9:30am, but are able to glean more information about it from the Mississippi Visitors Center next door.Biloxi lighthouse

The center is the most beautiful visitors center I’ve ever seen!  Rising like a grand southern mansion, it’s a mini museum of exhibits, a theater, and an event venue.  There’s a model of the lighthouse, a video on Marlin Miller’s journey to beautify the Gulf Coast, Elvis Presley’s jacket, Bo Diddley’s square guitar and more.  On the wide veranda, two sisters are enjoying the beach view. They came in for a Girls’ Week.

Off we go to Alabama!  The Visitors Center that we visit may be an older building, but they sure make us feel welcome.  An enthusiastic young woman, by the name of Amanda, greets visitors with a mile-wide smile.  Every guest I saw her interact with was treated with attention and lots of suggestions for places to go and what to expect, her ponytail bouncing as she emphasizes points of interest.  So far, she’s the best visitors center employee we’ve encountered.  Wished I’d asked her for a picture so you could see that mega-watt smile.

We stop by Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile to see the USS Alabama and decide we didn’t have time to tour it and still make it to Panama Beach City, Florida at a decent time. But, we did get some photos …

USS Alabama
USS Alabama
This beautifully rendered American flag was painted on the side of one of the buildings two days before!
This beautifully rendered American flag was painted on the side of one of the buildings two days before!
U.S. Coast Guard plane
U.S. Coast Guard plane

Minutes down the street, we have a late lunch at Felix’s Fish Camp Grill in Mobile. It was very pleasant. My husband had Grilled Red Snapper with Green Beans Almondine. I enjoyed the Ahi Tuna Salad. We’re trying to eat lighter as hours of sitting in the car doesn’t burn many calories.

Lunch at Felix's Fish Camp Grill
Lunch at Felix’s Fish Camp Grill

We come into Panama City Beach as the sun begins to set and pull over to see our first Florida sunset on the trip. I’m so happy!

Another gorgeous Florida sunset!
Another gorgeous Florida sunset!

When asked where to go for dinner, the hotel front desk clerk recommends Capt. Anderson’s. We drive a mile or so down the street to the Marina. There’s a one hour wait at Capt. Anderson’s, so we decide to try the Marina Cantina next door. We had Chicken Chapatula and Fish Tacos. The food was alright, but the view of the marina was better.

Capt. Anderson's Marina
Capt. Anderson’s Marina

To top off the night, we went to Bruster’s Ice Cream next to our hotel, where the ice cream is made fresh daily.


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