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Day 13: Orlando

Monday,  September 16, 2013

We have lunch with another old friend.  That’s two hours of reminiscing and trying to out-do each other at having senior moments.  His son works for Universal and he offers to get us in.  We thank him and tell him we’ve “Been there, done that” with kids.  We need to get some things done before dinner.

After the show with my old boss, Cam!
After the show with my old boss, Cam!

I look forward to seeing my old boss again!  She and her husband meet us for the “Outta Control Comedy Show” at Wonderworks.  It’s an endless stream of popcorn, salad, pizza and beverages as we enjoy catching up on each other’s lives and former co-workers we still see.  The television station we worked at is a smaller one and many of us interacted and often socialized away from work.

Outta Control Comedy Show host sets a $20 on fire!
Outta Control Comedy Show host sets a $20 on fire!

I will say this about the comedian/magician – not only was he hilarious, but he patiently worked with a young audience member who had a disability.  The maybe 12 year-old could not stay focused and would wander around the stage looking at things.  The magician would call him back many times and coach him to do the few steps needed to complete the illusion.  It was a “feel good moment” when everyone cheered the young man.

The Best Western Plus in Orlando could use a renovation, though it is close to activities and has one of my favorite pluses – double sinks!  They had 5 sets of towels for us and the “Clean” TV remotes, designed to be easily wiped down.  I wipe down every hotel remote we use as they are the germiest items in hotel rooms!  

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