Day 14: Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales

Breakfast buffet is compliments of sweet Diana at the front desk.  The man supervising the buffet needs customer service training, but there’s sausage, eggs, fresh fruit, etc.

We leave and miss the exit.  We’re using printed directions that didn’t say how soon to get over to the far lane.  It was very soon!  Out comes the GPS.  It’s not 100% accurate all the time either, but using a map with it makes for less wrong turns.  Maybe we should allow 10% getting lost time.  We drive by a power line pole shaped like Mickey Mouse’s face – nice touch Disney World!

Bok Tower
Bok Tower

Bok Tower Gardens was a nice break.  Edward W. Bok had a vision, so he brought in people who were well-respected in their fields to create a serene oasis.  He hoped his tower grounds would be: “A spot which would reach out in its beauty to the people, and fill their souls with the quite, the repose, the influence of the beautiful.”

Pinewood Estate
Pinewood Estate

The 205 foot singing tower is a 60 bell carillon that plays at set times during the day.  We walked around Pinewood Estate, the 1930s mansion on the grounds.  We lose our way and ask for directions.  A walker gives more information about the gardens.

We leave and lunch in Haines City. R-Place is preferable to the string of fast food places on the way.  Lonnie’s spaghetti is average, but my lightly battered whitefish sandwich is delicious.  Asking your server what’s fresh is always a good thing!

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