Day 32: New York – Subway music, dim sum and a surprise party

Saturday, October 5, 2013 Lonnie & I take the train to visit relatives in Flushing.  There are many stops along the way. Usually we see street musicians and subway musicians, so we are surprised to see (what I assume are) three Mexican musicians hop onto the train along the route.  They play enthusiastically all the […]

Day 31: New York – The Guggenheim, a Fashion Shoot and Bad Sushi

Friday,  October 4, 2013 We visit the Guggenheim Museum.  There’s a major installation going on and they offer reduced tickets.  Visitors can visit three floors.  Whining, buzzing machines seem to amplify as the sounds echo off the walls of the spiral building and make me wish we hadn’t come.  It’s nice that we can ask […]

Day 30: New York – Mobile Marketing Trends, BonChon, The Metropolitan Museum

Thursday,  October 3, 2013     We visit our son’s office. His very sweet co-workers present me with flowers that remind me of Texas!     We also meet our son’s boss, a mobile marketing guru.  I can’t let the opportunity pass without asking for an interview!  Twelve years ago, he brought music libraries (ringtones) […]

Day 29: New York – Central Park, Spider-Man & The Ramen King

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Today we get some Vitamin D!  Central Park has a little fun for everyone.  There are wide expanses of lovely green grasses and walking trails throughout the park.  You can rent a bike or get a pedicab or horse drawn carriage for a leisurely ride under shady trees.  We walk as […]

Day 21: Virginia

Tuesday,  September 24, 2013 Our friend, the walking encyclopedia, gives us a history lesson on the way through Shenandoah National Park.  We will be missing all the apple festivals in Virginia.  The area’s festival promotes vintage apples, like the species that Thomas Jefferson developed.  The October festival sells varieties of heirloom apples to encourage local […]