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Day 26: New York! New York!

Sunday,  September 29, 2013

Our son leaves early to wait in line for seats to the noon service at Hillsong NYC.  His girlfriend comes by to take us to the subway and show us how to buy metro week passes.  We three hop on the subway and head out.  Hillsong NYC is an offshoot of the original Australian church.  The New York congregation meets at different venues around the city.  From what I understand, they want to make it easy for those who don’t normally attend church to do so in familiar surroundings.  We must be at the contemporary service.  Today’s worship service is in a nightclub.  It’s different, seeing the lighting system beam color all around, the bright tones bouncing off a large mirror ball hanging from the ceiling.  Our son saved seats in the balcony as he knew the music would be too loud for us downstairs.  The message is about forgiveness, something we can all relate to.  

Baby Boy takes us to sample Joey’s Pepperoni Pizza’s $1 slice of cheese pizza.  Lonnie pays a buck more for meat.  I prefer cheese and am glad I did!  Then, we go to Baohaus to sample their baos.

Baohaus creations
Baohaus creations

If I haven’t mentioned it before, a bao is the breading that goes around a filling.  It’s usually savory.  The bao could be folded like a taco shell or shaped like a round bun with filling inside.  Baohaus is one of the original bao places that started in New York a few years ago.  My fried tofu bao has plenty of sauce and crusted peanuts. I’m not a fan of braised pork belly.  Though I seldom eat pork belly, I like it crispy.

Fat Bao's Crab Daddy - soft shell crab with spicy mayo and Asian slaw
Fat Bao’s Crab Daddy – soft shell crab with spicy mayo and Asian slaw

My favorite place for Chinese buns in Houston is Fat Bao.  It’s good and they have created some interesting combinations.  Their Fat Fries is a favorite – fries with a topping of bulgogi beef or pork belly.  And, Fat Bao has complimentary cucumber infused water!

We go by Union Square and laze around in the sun, eating our baos and soaking in the sounds of musicians on the stage and tourists milling about.

“Family” joins us and we go to a local bakery, Eileen’s Special Cheesecake.  Yum!  So light and not too sweet –  my kinda cake!

Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant
Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant

At night, it’s a multi-course dinner with family at Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant in Flushing.  The meal is delicious!  If you haven’t noticed by now, our family and friends consider it their duty to stuff us to the gills when we come visiting.  They will often greet guests with “Have you eaten?” and proceed to push food on you, whether you just ate or not!

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