Day 27: New Yorkers are Really Nice!

Monday,  September 30, 2013

Our son takes us on the subway with him and sends us to the right transfer train before going on to work.  So far, so good.  He hasn’t seemed to mind that we’ve taken over his bedroom and disrupted his sleep pattern!

Our view from the Empire State Building
Our view from the Empire State Building




Today, we meet the “cousins” to catch up on family news as we tour the city.

Empire State art
Empire State art





The Statue of Liberty may be closed, but I’ve never been up the Empire State Building.

Use of windows to bring history to light!
Use of windows to bring history to light!







There are displays along the way to give a more detailed view of its picturesque place in history.

Kunjip's wonderful lunch
Kunjip’s wonderful lunch



It’s lunchtime and we wander around K-Town, looking for a restaurant.  Tripadvisor and Yelp are guides to many of our food choices on the trip.  We slowly wander down the walk and before we get to the menu displayed outside one eatery, a woman rushes over and gives us their credentials – well-established, mentioned in USA Today, etc.  We look at each other, shrug and she leads us inside Kun Jip.  It was the perfect lunch, with all the little side dishes (seconds on the seasoned fish and bean sprouts) and attentive service!

It's grand!
It’s grand!


We need to walk off the lunch and head to Grand Central Station. Cousin takes us to the intersection where you can whisper in one corner and someone will hear it in the diagonal corner. Too bad there’s no flash mob at the station today!


With Rupert at Hello Deli
With Rupert at Hello Deli

The cousins have to leave and we decide to go by Hello Deli to see Rupert Gee. The business is just steps away from the back door of the David Letterman Show.  For years, Letterman would send Rupert around to say crazy things to people and get their reactions.  One day, they went too far and the victim strongly objected.  Now, Rupert just sells the show’s merchandise in the show’s lobby and his little deli.  Lonnie has an autographed Hello Deli t-shirt and a mug that our son gave him.  A couple of years ago, our son sent a clip of Rupert wishing Lonnie happy birthday.  When we told our son that we were leasing out or possibly selling the house, he called my husband and put Rupert on the phone.  Rupert relayed that our son was quite concerned about what we’re planning to do with the house.  He asked if Lonnie was sure he wanted to do that.  So funny!

Earlier, this photographer made no time for pleasantries
Earlier, this photographer made no time for pleasantries

Anyway, we walk by a barricade near the back door of Letterman, with several photographers waiting.  I ask what’s going on. The two nearest me don’t answer.  I’m pretty surprised as it’s normal in Texas to respond when someone speaks to you.  The third person tells me that they’ve been waiting almost three hours for Sting to come out.  The man tells me about his blog and gives tips on how to find celebrities.  It’s almost time the show finishes taping.  I stick around with my non-DSLR older camera, ready to experience life as a paparazza.  Next to me, a grizzly old man is holding a Sting photograph and a permanent marker.  To make conversation, I say, “Oh, you’re going to get his autograph.”  Without looking at me, he replies, “I’m bakin’ a cake.  Whatta ya think I’m doing?!!?”  I have to laugh!  Don’t bother someone focused on work.

Sting steps out, waves and disappears into the SUV.  After his vehicle enters traffic, the light changes to red.  There’s a rush as fans try to get his attention.  That’s when I leave.  I wouldn’t want people to follow me all over.

"The Patient Bus Driver"
“The Patient Bus Driver”

We take a few photos at Rockefeller Center before catching a bus to Little Italy.  We tell the driver where we’re going and he says we’ll have to walk over a couple blocks when we get off.  We get off and look puzzled.  He opens the door and asks us again where we’re going.  Instead of telling him where, I give him the address.  He looks at us and jerks his head as if to say, “Get back on.”  Several times we think we’re near the destination and each time he says, “Not yet.”  So patient he was with us!  I wave as we cross to the curb and he waves back.

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