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Day 30: New York – Mobile Marketing Trends, BonChon, The Metropolitan Museum

Thursday,  October 3, 2013

"Thank you, Ryan and Stephanie!!!"
“Thank you, Ryan and Stephanie!!!”



We visit our son’s office. His very sweet co-workers present me with flowers that remind me of Texas!



We also meet our son’s boss, a mobile marketing guru.  I can’t let the opportunity pass without asking for an interview!  Twelve years ago, he brought music libraries (ringtones) to America.  In last month’s Mobile Media Summit in New York, he sat on several panels.  He shares his views on the omnichannel, his top three apps, The Internet of Things, tips for marketing students and more:

BonChon crispy goodness!
BonChon crispy goodness!


Afterward, we have lunch with a cousin at BonChon, a restaurant specializing in Korean fried chicken.  BonChon is Korean for “My hometown” and has become a very successful international franchise.  The chicken is deliciously crispy and flavorful!

                                                                                                                    We walk off the lunch by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Massive displays and fabulous collections make for an enriching experience.

Art 3

Funery items of a wife of Thutmose III
Funery items of a wife of Thutmose III



























Walking back, I see the wide entrance to a period building.  It’s the Ukrainian Institute.  It seems familiar.  I believe I’ve seen a write-up about the building.  There’s a 20th Century Art Collection on display until October 18.  By now, I’m dying to see the inside and tell my husband we can squeeze in another exhibit.  It is eye-catching and has a beautiully preserve quiet beauty.  Oh, the stories I can imagine it could tell!

Ukrainian InstituteUkrainian Institute 1Ukrainian Institute 2

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