Day 35: New Haven, Cavendish

Tuesday,  October 8, 2013

A man soaks up the sun in the park in front of New Haven's City Hall.
A man soaks up the sun in the park in front of New Haven’s City Hall.

New Haven, Connecticut is also called “Elm City” for all those trees scattered throughout town. We stop by Barnes & Noble to pick up a Yale t-shirt before walking around the Yale campus. I love the old architecture!

On the campus of Yale University
On the campus of Yale University





I know that some of the buildings were built in the early 1900s and made to look older, but still … it feels like we’re at Hogwarts, waiting for Harry, Hermione and Ron to walk by on the way to class.

We walk over to Hillhouse Street to see the brown house where former President George F. Bush lived as a graduate student.  (At one time, Charles Dickens thought it was the most beautiful street in America!)

Parking tip from a local.  Beware of meter people.  They have been known to write a ticket for metered vehicles that have 5-10 minutes left.  If they think you aren’t coming back in time, they’ve been spotted writing early tickets!

Bedazzled Hello Kittys
Bedazzled Hello Kittys
PEZ Hobbits series
PEZ Hobbits series

We stop by the PEZ factory to take the short tour.  There’s a timeline and other PEZ history.  There are also PEZ dispensers you might not find in your city.  Sorry, I think I got too close to the Swarovsky crystal-ed Hello Kitty collection, so the image isn’t very sharp.  They’re not for sale, but you can make your own using 200-900 crystals!


The Hobbit series impressed me too.  A ticket price includes one complimentary dispenser.  Unless you really enjoy learning about PEZ history and want to see what other dispensers you can buy, I wouldn’t recommend taking the short tour.





Time to try out Frank Pepe’s pizza! The friendly server says that the clams are fresh so we share a medium pizza with half clams and half sausage with mushrooms. Some of the clams were chewy but the flavor was rich and the crust was crispy. If you like a good char on the crust bottom, they certainly do that here.

Now this is a real coal burning oven!
Now this is a real coal burning oven!
Know your Frank Pepe
Know your Frank Pepe










I ask our server about the founder and she brings over a pamphlet and Pepe’s postcard. How generous!  When I ask if they use a wood burning oven, she gives me a look and says, “It’s a coal burning oven.” She walks me over to the counter and asks a worker to open the oven door. He does and there’s a red-hot outline of a pile of coal that shoots a 20 foot burst of heat right across the kitchen into our faces! WOW!!! I’m impressed.

We arrive in Cavendish, Vermont mid-evening. We’ve been in so many mediocre hotels that I have to say how much we are enjoying the night at The Pointe in the Hills. It was a bit hard to find, but once here, I am happy. It’s like a little lodge near Okema Mountain. There are two other buildings in the Castle Hills Resort & Spa. One rents out bigger units and the other is “The Castle.” “The Castle”, built around 1900, is the former home of Vermont Governor Allen M. Fletcher. It was the first home on the mountain to have electricity and an elevator.  The elevator doesn’t work, but the original light switches do!  Downstairs, it’s a restaurant with a library and private dining room. Upstairs are 10 hotel rooms that are always booked.

Dinner at The Castle
Dinner at The Castle

We spring for the dinner and enjoy a romantic meal for two! It helps that our room came with coupons for a relaxing massage and dinner at “The Castle.” After dessert, I’m given a brief tour of the mansion. The original embossed wallpaper graces a portion of the stairway. It feels like tooled leather! The library has it’s original books that guests are welcome to read, but with care, please. It’s been a long day as we drive the short distance down the trail to the lodge. Our room is simply done, but has an elegant feel. The towels are the luxuriously fluffy ones that make me feel pampered.


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