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Day 37: Boston

Thursday,  October 10, 2013 

We fill up on a hot breakfast before heading out. As we enter Boston, the traffic becomes congested. So different from the rolling hills and easy traffic of New Hampshire. We see parking garages charging $24 for two hours and more. Lonnie hits his EasyPark app and finds one for $20 for all day. We get there and realize they are repairing the entrance and everyone is using the exit for both ways! It’s a block from Chinatown with easy access to other areas. I say, “Go for it, Honey!” Talk about living dangerously! We have to honk before each concrete curve up the parking garage and a couple of times we or the vehicle coming down will have to back up to let the other pass. At the curve, many of the cars have no business squeezing into a small slot at the end, causing great concern as we carefully negotiate around jutting bumpers. “Whew!” We make it up to the top of the 8 level garage. When we tell the guys downstairs our harrowing drive up, one says matter-of-factly, “We all need a little excitement in our lives.”

It's still here!
It’s still here!

We eat at the restaurant we’d eaten at about 15 years ago on a family trip with the New York cousins.

Then, we go by Fanueil Hall and walk the Holocaust Memorial. So poignant …

The Holocaust Memorial is easily accessible to everyone
The Holocaust Memorial is easily accessible to everyone
The horror ...
The horror …
Please remember ...
Please remember …
























There are plenty of things to see and we just wander around, drinking in the atmosphere.

Samuel Adams watches over present day Boston
Samuel Adams watches over present day Boston
1847 Custom House finds new life as a Marriott hotel
1847 Custom House finds new life as a Marriott hotel
Board of Trade Building embellishments
Board of Trade Building embellishments
Residence Inn by Marriott
Residence Inn by Marriott

We settle in at the Residence Inn by Marriott. It’s a new experience as we haven’t booked at an extended stay hotel before. This is wonderful! We’ve stayed at plenty of Marriott properties on this trip. The Fairfield Inns by Marriott are not up to my expectations of what a Marriott property should be. The Courtyards by Marriott have lovely decors and nice touches. The larger Marriotts have been a lovely experience. But, this Residence Inn would be my choice when we settle down for a bit in Houston between trips. A full kitchen holds dishes, silverware and pots needed to cook meals. And, they have a recycle bin! No cooking this trip as we head to Legal Seafood to see if it tastes as good as it did 15 years ago! Our server is friendly and professional, but my lobster bisque is a BIG disappointment.  A few small pieces of lobster in a pinkish bisque that had no seafood flavor … this one of the very few times I don’t polish off my soup. Lonnie’s seafood platter came out lukewarm. When we brought it to their attention, they made a new platter, hot broccoli included and comped his order. So, however we feel about the quality, Legal Seafood stands behind their food and will make it right!

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