Day 48: Mount Airy

Monday,  October 21, 2013

Today is Mayberry Monday! We have the complimentary breakfast and chow down on sausage patties, biscuits & eggs, cereal and yogurt. During checkout, I tell the front desk how really pleased we were with the room. It was previously part of another hotel chain, then fully renovated and is now only two weeks old as a Comfort Inn.

Andy & Opie will be forever endearing to many!
Andy & Opie will be forever endearing to many!

Walking around Mont Airy, North Carolina, AKA Mayberry, is a very positive experience. The locals are ALL so sweet to us. A woman out for exercise greets us as she strides by. We need a little help with directions, and walk into a local bank. The lady is happy to help us. She has a charming drawl as she gives directions to our next stop.

A moment with Barney and Andy
A moment with Barney and Andy

Standing in the long line for Snappy Lunch cafe, I see someone getting a haircut in the barber shop next door. Lonnie’s holding our place in line, so I walk on over. A man with an oxygen tank sitting by the door asks me, “Where’s your horse?” At first I’m a little taken aback. Then, “Oh!” I’m wearing my western-style straw hat. I say that I don’t have one but that I AM from Texas. He asks if I can sing “San Antone Rose” (made famous by Bob Wills). I say I can sing “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You” and sing the first stanza, to which I add a rousing, “GO LONGHORNS!!!” People in the barber shop get a kick out of that as I walk over to the barber chair. I ask for permission to take a photo and they agree.

Jokes and laughter abound at Floyd's Barber Shop when visiting 89 year-old barber, Russell Hiatt!
Jokes and laughter abound at Floyd’s Barber Shop when visiting 89 year-old barber, Russell Hiatt!


Then, the barber, Russell Hiatt, starts telling me a joke about a cop, a driver, a bottle of alcohol and Jesus’ first miracle. Russell is said to be the inspiration for Floyd, the barber, on The Andy Griffith Show. He even changed the shop name to Floyd’s!

Snappy Lunches, since 1923!
Snappy Lunches, since 1923!


A meal at Snappy Lunch is rather uncomplicated. Sandwiches arrive wrapped in paper, the chips in a bag. My thin grilled cheese sandwich tastes like the sliced processed cheese that comes 20 to a pack at the store. Lonnie has the world famous pork chop sandwich: 1 fried pork chop, coleslaw, chili, mustard, onion and tomato and an iced tea. I know Yelpers and all just LOVE this sandwich, but it’s a like for us, though the coleslaw is really good. One thing that can’t be beat, though, is the total price of $7.06!


Our tickets to the Andy Griffith Museum also get us into the Siamese Twins exhibit and The Old Time Music Heitage Hall at Earle Theatre.

A highlight is the squad car ride. The “deputy” takes us around town, pointing out areas of interest – Andy’s childhood home, school, church and Wally’s Gas Station, etc. It was an interesting 30 minute tour, and you could tell the deputy loved presenting his dramatic interpretations. Lonnie asked about Andy’s first wife. (We’d speculated about that earlier in the day after visiting Andy’s museum. There wasn’t much mention of her after the early years.)

Breathe in the mouthwatering aromas of Miss Angel's Heavenly Pies!
Breathe in the mouthwatering aromas of Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies!

We step into Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies and take a moment for a big whiff of deliciousness! Here is the rich, full-bodied smell of real baking, not the overly sweet smell of pure sugar. Lonnie has a baked turnover, I have a slice of (I think) cinnamon sour cream cake. Then, for a late night treat when we get to Pigeon Forge, we add a huge piece of luscious, creamy German chocolate cake!

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