Magic Day 4: Roatan Bay Island, Honduras

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Oh, happy day – LAND!!! Large tourist parks like Gumbalimba are wonderful, with all their ziplines, lush nature paths and organized outdoor activities. They’re lots of fun and everything is clean and well-maintained. Wares hanging at a Coxen Hole shop We’re not going that route. We hope to experience the real […]

Magic Day 3: 89 Carnival Cruises and Counting …

Tuesday,  November 5, 2013 We had a three hour brunch. (Cue “Gilligan’s Island” music.) Yes … a thr-e-e-e ho-o-o-ur brunch. We ran into old friends and caught up on our lives, thoroughly! Janie and Lonnie used to work at the same company before Janie left and it took a fast and furious death dive from […]