January 24, 2014 Flores


Tikal minivanWe take the shuttle back to Flores. It’s basically a long minivan and really kinda fun. Tourists aren’t the only riders. Locals are picked up and dropped off along the way. Friends happily greet each other, chattering and laughing easily.

Flores taxi


Beware taxi drivers that negotiate to take a group of travelers over and drop you all off at the first stop, demanding more money to take you to your hotel.



Flores tuk tuk


The streets are cobblestone and sidewalks are uneven. We refused and found a tuk-tuk (three-wheeled motorcycle taxi) to take us to our hotel for Q10.



Flores Casa Amelia



We had a return reservation with Casa Amelia. It’s named after Amelia and her granddaughter is named after her. There are nicer hotels, but this was affordable and convenient – it’s right by the water and near many restaurants and shops. Well, really, everything is near everything else – walking all the way around the island takes about 15 minutes!


Flores lake


The mall across the bridge in Santa Elena has a dock at the back. Several steps lead down to it – a dock under water. For some years now, the water in the lake is slowly rising. I wonder if this is part of a cycle.


Four days ago, when we first arrived in Flores, we booked our return bus trip from Flores to Guatemala City and a shuttle on to La Antigua. We had walked over to a local travel agency that was near the hotel and had good reviews on Tripadvisor. The owner was very pleasant and stayed open late to work with us.

This morning, we’re chatting with another traveler. She went over to Santa Elena’s mall, found the ADN kiosk and bought a ticket for about half of what our individual tickets cost! We rush back to the travel agent and get a nice big “rebate.” I understand that businesses need to make money, but that was excessive for just making a couple of phone calls. I remember preparing for this trip and reading that travel agents provide a great service and are here to assist travelers, and contrary to popular opinion, are not here to get all they can. Maybe that’s true of the majority of agents.

*This experience just reminds us to do our homework and shop around first!

We’re not sleeping over. At 8pm, we board the overnight bus. Yes, the roomy seats are bigger than the average and there are footrests. No, I do not recommend the supposedly upgraded ADN. When I ask the bus driver a question, he very rudely answers with an “I-can’t-be-bothered” frown.

The onboard toilet is smelly! When I have to go back to my seat to get a headlamp (to see in the dark cubicle) and husband (to hold the door with the broken lock from swinging out) and tissue, it is NOT a good trip.

*There are upgraded buses. Confirm when booking that yours is indeed the executive level.



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