January 25, 2014 La Antigua


The minivan shuttle in Guat City drops everyone off in Antigua’s central plaza, Parque Centro. La Antigua is technically a town as there are less than 100,000 residents, but because of it’s importance in Guatemalan history, it’s considered a city.

Casa Cristina
Casa Cristina

We grab a tuk-tuk to Casa Cristina. It’s an older property, pretty much like the rest of the city. Our room isn’t ready so Rosario puts us up on the more expensive second floor for a couple days at no extra charge. Nice! The room is small but quaintly furnished with lovely pieces. There’s complimentary coffee and sweet breads in the morning and it’s near Iglesia La Merced, an easy walk to Parque Centro.

*Make friends with locals. Rosario and her daughter are very helpful. They give advice on what to pay for tuk-tuks at various distances, favorite restaurants, acceptable tips to different service people, what to expect to pay and wait time at the only chiropractic clinic in town, etc. Rosario offers guidebooks and leisure reading books. The guidebooks are a little dated, but Guatemala hasn’t changed that much.

Pedestrians-only around the Santa Catalina Arch
Pedestrians-only around the Santa Catalina Arch


“Es muy bonita!” We walk and walk and walk. Everywhere, photographers with big cameras and even bigger zoom lenses stop and drop tripods for gorgeous views.


Can you imagine how massive this ruin used to be?!?
Can you imagine how massive this ruin used to be?!?




I don’t have such equipment and am happy to use what I do have. An old Canon and iPhone are my constant companions.




Antigua 3



Any direction one turns, history shines.



We stop at Delicias Quetzaltecas Cafe for a snack. The owner hears I have tummy problems and offers a special tea of chamomile, ginger and mint to go along with the best tasting tamal I’ve had in Guatemala. So good and of course l feel better!

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