February 3, 2014 Lago de Atitlan

    Our second night in Casa del Mundo is in room #17. After room #10’s coziness, this room feels so open. The private terrace is also bigger.       Views from all levels of the property are breathtaking! In the hotel’s drive to reach self-sustainability, a high tech solar-heater system harnesses Lago de Atitlan’s sunshine […]

February 1, 2014 Reserva Natural Atitlan

Saturday Tuk-tuks around Panajachel are Q5 a person. I’m sure the locals pay much less. We could have taken a long walk to the Reserva Natural Atitlan, but decide to pay Q10 a person for the ride out of town and up to the 400 acre site. Yes, tuk-tuks sound and look like lawnmowers under […]

Three Blog Tips

I just read a comment from one of my posts. The blogger mentioned that she is an “aspiring blog writer” and asked for suggestions. I thought about it and decided to share some basic steps for newbies. 1.   Bloggers are learning all the time. Check out sites like Dear Blogger, greg@dearblogger.org. I follow Greg as he’s […]

January 31, 2014 Lago de Atitlan

January 31, 2014 We cross the lake to San Marcos La Laguna, a village known for wonderfully restorative yoga and meditation retreats. Unless you enjoy hiking, launchas (boats) are the way to reach neighboring communities. Once you land, some of the villages have tuk-tuks to take you farther inland. Some also have pickups that offer rides in their […]