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Three Blog Tips

I just read a comment from one of my posts. The blogger mentioned that she is an “aspiring blog writer” and asked for suggestions. I thought about it and decided to share some basic steps for newbies.

1.   Bloggers are learning all the time. Check out sites like Dear Blogger, I follow Greg as he’s generous with his advice. Anyone can ask him anything, whether they are a beginning blogger or well established. He started a YouTube channel,, with tutorials on how to start a blog, different costs of hosted sites, how to make your site more attractive, etc. I started with before following him, but he uses to be able to do some beautiful enhancements to sites using plugins, etc.

If you’re hoping to profit from your blog, there are several big guys out there, but I like Nate Smith, He is encouraging with good tips and spiritual inspiration. You can search around and follow many others, but look for sites that fit your needs as a blogger.

2.   This is very, very important! Please remember to pull from your passion. Post articles that you are truly interested in, not those that are just current topics that you hope people will link to. Cover subjects you know or that you researched and have a working knowledge of, that might be of value to others.

3.   Mix it up! Some entries I will post describe just what happened and photos. Others, I will add some background about the area we visited, photos and a video or two. Sometimes an opportunity arises that I can’t let go by, like when I learned about The Internet of Things, It’s fascinating to me how everything is moving at warp speed!

Experiment with tones and textures. I posted a video of a Savannah, Georgia Trolley Tour in sepia. “Johnny Mercer” came aboard and gave a spiel of his life in music. It begged for that treatment,

And, here’s a photo I took of actors in a Tombstone, Arizona re-enactment of the shoot-out at the O.K. Corral. (p.s.: The gunfight wasn’t really in the corral!) Thought it would look more striking with texture and a feel of the Old West. Edited it on my iPhone in Snapseed, blurring present day shoppers and vehicles in the background with TouchReTouch. Both are free apps. It could have been nice in black and white, but I do like tints!

Doc Holliday and the Earp Brothers are ready
Doc Holliday and the Earp Brothers are ready

There are plenty more tips I could give, but off the top of my head, these three simple steps will help you on your way!


To My Beautiful Bloggers

“I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers,” Ephesians 1:16 ESV

Last Friday I posted another blog entry. Saturday morning I woke up and checked to see if anyone had read my post on travel tips for Hong Kong. What joy! It received seven “likes!” I’ve never been “liked” before. (Years ago, I signed up on Facebook twice and quickly left twice due to private information leaks.) 

I would like to thank the kind bloggers who took the time to respond. I started this adventure last month after two years of saying I wanted to start a blog. At Christmas, my son basically said, “Alright already, just do it!”

There was a definite curiosity about the type of person who would enjoy my travel piece. I clicked on the “Comment” box, then clicked on the “7 bloggers.” What a surprise, the bloggers came from various countries and had so many different areas of interest! And I thought there would just be travel bloggers. That’s exciting – who could they be?!?

The first click brought me to LEANNE COLE Photography, Yes, I can definitely see her focus is on wonderful images. There are some great shots of life in Australia. She holds classes, posts tutorials and even has a photography software discount coupon code.

is another Aussie. Travel is one of her passions. I loved her shot of a young Filippino sitting on a rope swing in the water, the sun catching his face as he leans ever so slightly out of the shadows. I may have to join skinnywench’s “Word a Week” photo challenge. If her reference to “barack” is the second definition I looked up, she also has a mad love for Chelsea football!

Cristian Mihai,, writes short stories and novels. He grew up in Romania and has a wonderful writing style. Visit his site and read about his writing thought processes and wonderful excerpts from his books. He has a lovely flow and a delicious way with words!

Then, there’s Elena, She’s led a truly glamorous globe-trotting life. I haven’t read many biographies that in two paragraphs listed as many talents and accomplishments with as much savoir-faire in such a young life. My favorite Elena quote: “Buying hundreds or thousands of dollars stuff in order to look classy, stylish and expensive won’t work, if you don’t know how to wear a 20 dollar dress and look like a million bucks.”

The interesting name of Justin’s blog,, pretty much describes his love of men’s fashion. He saw a need to help other young men pull together looks for casual to sophisticated occasions. The commentary is spot on as to why and how each look works for him. It’s not just a great “How To Dress 101” for any male who wants to dress with style. Many of the tips and overall attitude can benefit anyone wanting to have confidence in their clothing choices. I sent his blog link to my son. (“Not that you need it, Sweetheart. Just letting you know that others also value the fit of a good coat and good style choices.”)

When I clicked on Brad Stanton’s site,, I almost just as quickly clicked off! I’m a gore and horror scaredy-cat, and the first photo of his “Frankenstein-ish” image threw me. Well, I was determined to learn about the nice (?) blogger who “liked” me. The title was reassuring. “Give me 5 minutes a day and I’ll give you a happier, more successful life! He uses references, stories and positive encouragement to connect with readers. It works for me!

Manon,, is a bright young professional making her way in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria. Reading some of her entries, she seems to be a sweet soul with lots of family and friends, a penchant for cute animals and creative art in various forms – drawing, music, movies and fashion. Wish that she would post photos of some of the events she plans!

I feel very blessed to connect with such interesting people.

From Texas, with

Rose love (100x100)