Teens Learn About Filmmaking

I recently participated in a local shoot for a film about one teen’s journey from having a home to being put into “Foster Care” (the name of the movie). This is just one project from a local award-winning production company.

Cross Wind Productions is a non-profit Christian film ministry. Through auditions and interviews, Houston area teens are chosen to participate in a film and video program and to receive “hands-on” training during the internship. From acting to educational workshops and behind-the-scenes duties, students, ages 14 to 18, come out with a deeper understanding of filmmaking. You can log onto to learn more about the program.

I took some quick video of the nice people I met. Sorry guys, I haven’t yet set up a personal royalty-free music library to use on the “Takes” app.

Barbara Sundstrom is the driving force behind Cross Wind Productions. She gave me a quick interview during a lull in production.

Sundstrom graduated from Baylor University and added a M.A. in Communications from the University of Houston. After teaching English, Speech and Theatre, she decided to expand her talents. God was willing and she did! Barbara became an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and director. A popular film that won an award at a recent international film festival in Milan, Italy, is “The Guardian”. A girl is saved from the evil intentions of a surly gang of troublemakers by a stranger. He continues to help her, but she can’t shake the feeling that she has known him before.